/ Introduction

Why Bother to Write Yet Another Tech Blog?

As a startup CTO I am responsible for pretty much everything related to software in our company. The emphasis of my previous work experience is on full-stack development so there has been a lot of challenges I have not encountered before. Insights and ideas has been born along the way and a need for a place for organizing those insights has arisen.

I thought that a blog would be a best way to document those ideas as blog platforms have built-in tagging systems and possibility to publish the ideas. I am not too convinced about my writing skills, but I wanted to give this a try as I have found other tech blogs useful for solving my tech-related challenges. After all, I am probably not the only software engineer struggling with the same challenges.

I was hesitating with this blog, because I did not consider myself as an opinion leader or professional or experienced enough for writing about these things. Nevertheless, I saw this tweet and a discussion based on it on my Twitter feed. After that I felt empowered and determined to do this.

As a result of reading the discussion I discovered the Feynman technique. It is generally considered as a good technique for learning new concepts. It consists of four phases:

  1. Find a subject you want to learn and gather all the information you can find about it.
  2. Imagine you are teaching the subject to a child. This means explaining everything by using as simple language as possible.
  3. Identify any gaps in your knowledge. They surely exist.
  4. Organize and tell your story.

I immediately fell in love with this technique and I am trying to keep it as a guideline for writing my next posts.

"The best way to learn is to teach." - Frank Oppenheimer

What am I gonna write about?

At work I have been struggling with different scaling-related subjects, so there will likely be posts about performance optimization of MongoDB and Node.js and insights about using Azure App Service and Docker.

Lately I have been curious about learning new programming techiques so I have been learning the essence of functional programming with Scala and Clojure. As the latest ECMAScript versions and many libraries have improved JavaScript support for function programming, I am also interested in applying the learnings to my everyday JavaScript development. So there will surely be posts about functional programming in general and functional JavaScript.

Additionally there will be posts about random technical and non-technical subjects that could not been foreseen.